A clean and simple Nest project shipped with Passport(Local, JWT, Google) and RBAC Auth and MongoDB.

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NestJS-Auth: Nest and Passort Boilerplate W/ (Local, JWT, Google) Strategies Already Implemented!

Makes a Great NestJS Auth Microservice 🍻

Install with degit or from Github as a template

Step 1.) Install degit
[]:root$ npm i -g degit

Step 2.) Clone with degit, replace <project-name> is the name of your new project.
[]:root$ degit <project-name>


Note: You must register an application with Google to use the Google Auth Strategy. If you have not already done so, a new project can be created in the Google Developers Console. Your application will be issued a client ID and client secret, which need to be provided to the strategy. You will also need to configure a redirect URI which matches the route in your application. The default redirect URI for this project is /google/callback

Create a .env file with these required properties.

JWT_SECRET=Secure Secret To Generate Auth Tokens